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Pipette & Burette Rinsing System

Product Code : EL-B-10974
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This useful washing/rinsing system allows pipettes and burettes to be automatically rinsed when connected to a tap and drain outlet. 
Edulab China particularly useful where unpleasant or hazardous liquids have been used, the apparatus holds pipettes and burettes up to 600mm in length. 
For convenience and flexibility, the washing/rinsing system is available as separate components. 
1. The polyethylene rinser/washer fills via the spray nozzle on the top rim. Contaminated water will syphon out totally, once the syphon point at the top of the rinser has been reached via the large diameter drain situated at the lowest point, before refilling automatically. 
2. A soaking jar is available, which will hold a pipette/burette basket, to allow the glassware to soak before rinsing. Low water flow rate is NOT a problem, but it is better to adjust the flow for a cycle of about 90 seconds.
3. During washing the pipettes/burettes are housed in a specially designed basket, which minimise breakages as it buffers the glassware tips against the soft polyethylene base. 


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