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Melting Point Apparatus

Product Code : EL-CLE-11004
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The heating rate can be adjusted manually between 1 to 20°C/min, and for rapid heating Edulab China 10°C/min, to obtain an accurate melting point range. 
The sample and melt process can be viewed via the magnifying lens, which is illuminated by bright LEDs. 
The measures the melting point of chemicals from ambient to 250°C. 
Edulab China Samples need to be placed in a sealed end capillary tube and located in the heating block. 
Up to three tubes can be tested at one time. 
Record the melt temperatures from the thermometer, positioned horizontal to the samples to allow simultaneous viewing. 
The lens can be detached for cleaning and simple to follow instructions are printed directly on to the unit, making it easy for students to use. 
For 220/240V. 
Dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 140 x 110 mm.


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