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Shapes of Molecules Set

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The different shapes are examples of the orientations of the bonds and cover coordination numbers 1 to 6. 
The orbital 8 model collection set contains sufficient parts to make the eight atomic models Edulab China shown in the picture. 
Edulab China Lone pairs are represented by brown spheres or brown pear shaped parts. 
The 2 extra pear shaped parts are included in the set to enable protonated models to be made. 
e.g. Acid/Base theory, the formation of H3O+ as a result of the migration of H+ from hydrogen chloride. 
Models: linear, HCl (hydrogen chloride); linear, BeCl (beryllium chloride); Bent, H2O (water); trigonal planar, BH3 (boron trihydride); Pyramidal, NH3 (ammonia); tetrahedral, CH4 (methane); trigonal bipyramidal, PCl5 (phosphorus pentachloride); Octahedral, SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride).


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